Me, in no particular order….

I help people to use all kinds of technology to get things done in their neighbourhoods.

I’m the co-ordinator for Growing Newsome, a community of food growers created using trowels, enthusiasm, packets of seed, local people’s skills, jam pans, patience and tea.

I’m a heritage campaigner, dedicated to protecting Newsome Mills.

I studied at the Slade School of Fine Art.

I’m a member of Huddersfield’s first Timebanking project, Newsome Ward Timebanking.

I used to write a lot, and may do again.

I’ve been known to drink a lot of gin, and may do again.

I haven’t done the dusting.

I’m a pedant.

I believe that together we have everything we need.

Oh, and I’m invisible. But my views are entirely my own never-the-less.

This blog is for…

Alan, who told me to make myself less invisible.

Maryam, who told me to write something. Anything. But just do it. Or else.

Janet, who gave me a gentle push.

…and for anyone else who made it this far.



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