barometer dial

32 Antique Ships Barometer by Jason Short
[Flickr, Creative Commons]

“Cold, isn’t it?” said a lady from up the street as she walked past me shivering at the bus stop this morning.

At lunchtime, I trudged miserably across town with an allegedly broken laptop, grudgingly returning it to the mothership (the only way, it seems, to get it to connect with said mothership today), and to make matters worse it began to hail.

As I walked back slowly to the office, feeling drained and carrying the lunch that I no longer had time to eat, it rained. Teetering on the brink of a migraine, I had to keep my soggy hat on indoors to fend off the glaring lights.

I sat awkwardly in a meeting trying to discreetly eat my cold and surprisingly spicy pumpkin soup, and ended up debating the difficulties of encouraging new volunteers to come and garden on top of a hill in the howling wind.

All things considered, I was glad to get home to a hot bath. It was accompanied by the sound of distant thunder which suddenly became bright blue lightning flashes, loud thunderclaps and yet more hail beating on the windowpane.

I sat quietly and listened, and the day’s aches and pains went away.

Tomorrow I guess everything will be different again.

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