Is it Spring yet?

gnome surrounded by melting snowSpring is…

A). The day your first tomato seedling pokes its head gently through the surface of the compost in a little corner of a propagator on your bathroom floor – but is it really Spring, or just the underfloor heating?

B). Today, the Spring equinox, three weeks too late for the meteorologists perhaps – but the driving rain and 60mph gusts of wind that made at least two news presenters cry on their way up Holme Moss on a bicycle this afternoon was perhaps the weatherman’s way of getting his own back.

C). When the kippers begin to get giddy – something to do with the rising of sap (and the mixing of metaphors).

D). When the soil feels co-operative, a bit warm to the touch, not too boggy for digging – but is Winter really over today, or will we be digging through the snow in search of our onions again by the end of March, like last year.

E). When the Universe tells you that things are about to get better – and you try your best to believe it.

Take your pick.

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