Feeling blue

20140307-010258.jpgI made potato salad for our Potato Day on Saturday, using Salad Blue potatoes. It was just to show people that these funny looking spuds are still a proper potato, tasting like a potato. Apparently this colourful crop is full of antioxidants. I know they look a bit rough around the edges (and especially around the middle), but every last scrap of the salad disappeared.

I felt very rough around the edges today. But I guess it never did Columbo any harm.

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4 Responses to Feeling blue

  1. Well, there’s a thing. I’ve just posted on the colour blue http://t.co/zb79RSE4jh
    I love those blue spuds: currently addicted to Purple Majesty to include in roast veg.

  2. I enjoyed this post. I’d just read Karen’s blue post immediately before reading your blue post – and I was just adding some blue to the current still life before I paused to have some lunch and work out what to do next. I’ve only had those potatoes a few times but I did enjoy them. One could create a great painter’s dinner with all the different coloured fruit and veg there are.
    Rough can be a great texture in art…

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