Seven things that made me smile today

One person said that I am “one of the great minds”.

One person caught me winding myself up and stopped me with laughter.

One person wrote me a long email that talked of my patience and wisdom.

One person made a rare appearance in person, if only for an instant.

One person took a seat and talked to me for a while.

One person asked if I’m feeling better.

One cat sat on my knee whilst I cried.


In the hopes of making someone else smile, I have sharpened my pencils.

I even used a camera-shaped sharpener to do it.

This is my day in a snapshot. Click. Gone.

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7 Responses to Seven things that made me smile today

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  2. Seeing your sharpened pencils made me smile!

    • dianesims says:

      Yay 🙂

      I should probably pick them up off the floor now. They’re just sitting there looking at me…

      • Yes, do pick them off the floor so you don’t accidentally tread on them, but put them where they’ll stare at you. I put mine on the table in my sightline between laptop & tv.
        I haven’t used most of them yet – I got out the charcoal, Conté sticks and, eventually, oil pastels – and used those instead. I’m plucking up courage to draw the urban landscape en plein air – or the farm animals.

      • dianesims says:

        Confession: I’ve already trodden on one. Turns out the points snap quite easily when they’re so sharp…

        Drawing outside is definitely a good thing. Hope you pluck up the courage soon. x

      • I hope you sharpened it again 🙂

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