A stormy day

postcard of a stormy sea

A postcard sent from Newcastle on Tyne to Miss Pearce in North Shields, postmarked 3.15pm on 4th April 1902, and the house in Linskill Terrace that it was sent to.

The image is titled A Stormy Day. The quotation below is written by hand:

“As high as we have mounted in delight
In our dejection do we sink so low.”

What did this message mean to Miss Pearce?
Who sent it?
Was it a stormy day for one or both of them?
Is it still the same letterbox that the postcard arrived through?
Did trees grow in Linskill Terrace then?

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3 Responses to A stormy day

  1. She would probably be on the 1901 Census. It would be interesting to see if she’s still there on the 1911 Census, or to search the marriage records after 4th April 1902.

    • dianesims says:

      Thank you – that’s a lovely idea. I think a lot about how memories abide in fragile things like bits of paper, and what technology might mean for how we remember (or forget).

      • The bits of paper are probably less ephemeral than the digital communications of more recent years. I do like the way in which digitising old bits of paper can help us to connect the bits of information they hold to rediscover stories, especially fragments of lives (I delete, shred or burn much of my own!).

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